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The people in your organization make it work, we help people work better -- everywhere

When you invest in your people, you expect the best, and your people perform at their best. When you work with Steve, expect commitment with results:

Holtzer & Associates provides keynote presentations, seminars, consulting, and facilitation services, all uniquely designed to fit your needs and help your people achieve more.

What makes Dr. Steve Holtzer unique?

He knows how to turn complex ideas into practical solutions that work. He brings to your organization a rich education in human thought and behavior, combined with both corporate and small business experience. His interactive, entertaining style energizes and empowers your people.

Dynamic keynote speeches that teach people how to achieve their goals and to communicate effectively.


Interactive seminarsInteractive seminars that let people experience how to build teams and deliver superior customer service.
Consultation and facilitation servicesSkilled consultation and facilitation services that enable people to solve complex problems, understand and communicate better with others, and resolve conflict productively.

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